Cyber security &  Cyber Insurance

Do you fulfil the minimum level of «cyber resilience»?





  • Ransomware - Malicious encryption of data, for example to demand a blackmail payment

  • Data Breach & Phishing via the Internet - data theft or spying on data outside of the organization

  • Data leakage - data theft from within the organization (company, administration, etc.)

  • (Distributed) Denial of Service Attack (DoS / DDoS) - Overloading and thus blocking an Internet interface or another service due to an automatically generated excess of service requests.



We analyze the branching and integration of your IT in business processes, production and administration. Can a failure of your IT system paralyze your business activities? How much time do you need until all operating systems are fully restored and functional? Who pays the business interruption? How do you secure your balance sheet in the age of the Internet of Things?


We support you in developing an emergency concept and preventive measures in the event of a cyber attack. With an information security management system you are on the safe side!


Viruses change like flu viruses every day. “Cyber ​​risks - IT hacked - but covered” so that the damage is insured with the help of a cyber insurance policy tailored to your company. We support you in the choice of the insurance policy, the conditions of the policy, the event of a claim and in negotiations with the insurer.


Because no matter how up-to-date firewalls are, they won't be redesigned every day.

Your orientation support in the implementation of the GDPR is our online test.
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